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Take advantage of the experience of the long-term CEO of a global automotive supplier in the areas of management, technology, strategy, globalization and M&A.

MTSG consulting is there to take care of the needs of you, its customer, may they be in the areas of management, strategy, globalization, tech transfer or technology in general. We are there to help you...


About us

MTSG Consulting was founded by Dr. Michael Krehl a long-term CEO of companies active in the automotive supply business

Dr. Michael Krehl

Take advantage of my long-term experience in the areas of management, technology, strategy and globalisation.

Profile of Dr. Michael Krehl


  • Master (Dipl.-Ing.) in Material Science
  • Research associate at Max-Planck-Institute for Metals Research: PhD.


  • Overall responsibility in companies with global background and main focus on S&M, manufacturing, R&D, HR and Strategy
  • Well-founded technical and interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Long-term experience in strategic business development with continuous increase in profitability
  • Management of companies in Germany, in the USA as well as in global intercultural environment
  • Supervision of international M&A-Processes on the buyer as well as on the seller side
  • Active formation and execution of a merger with a Japanese company as member of the executive board before and after the merger
  • Successful execution of restructuring projects as well as starting new operations in Europe, USA and Asia (Japan, Malaysia and China)
  • Technology transfer/automation of (quality)-processes to guarantee uniform productivity- und quality levels in a global scale
  • Initiation and execution of customer projects in the automotive industry
  • International personnel development
  • Compliance
  • Contact person for company owners and supervisory structures
  • Excellent command of the English language due to a 4-year term in USA and the long-term management of a global company


  • long-term leadership experience in industrial environment also as CEO of a group of companies with seven plants on three continents (up to 1500 employees)
  • Strong social and communicative competency
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Conceptual assertiveness


  • Lean Management
  • Design of relevant KPIs
  • Line manufacturing
  • Automation


Creation, globalization and long-term management of an automotive supplier in a very competitive market environment by:

  • development and systematic execution of a focusing strategy
  • organic growth and growth through acquisitions
  • creation of decentralized S&M and R&D structures
  • development and worldwide transfer of highly automated manufacturing lines
  • ‚first ever‘ technology applications and their successful implementation in automotive series production
  • transformation of the Tier 1/2 component supplier into a systems designer/supplier
  • introduction of a global personnel development system
  • definition and introduction of the necessary controlling systems in S&M and production,

resulting in continuous productivity increases to compensate the constant price pressure in the global automotive supply chain
(€ 36 Mio/700 empl. € 250 Mio/1400 empl.)

Mark R. Sage

Mark R. Sage

Senior Managing Director, North America and M&A

broad background in private equity capital investments and acquisitions

Mark Sage:


Mr. Sage has a broad background in private equity capital investments and acquisitions. He founded Wyndham Capital Group in 1979. Mr. Sage has personally evaluated hundreds of transactions on behalf of the firm and other partners. He has served on the board of directors of manufacturing, service and distribution companies. Mr. Sage graduated from Indiana University with a BS Degree in Business.


Closing of hundreds of business sales, with aggregate transaction values in the billions of dollars. Founders of smaller individual firms wre assisted as well as highly complex transactions, involving multiple divisions within several countries. Fiduciary responsibility was taken over vs. clients and their needs was always put first.

Areas of expertise


We can support your immediate need for interim management. The search for the right management team often takes time which is not always available. Instead of settling for the second best, it may help to work with us as interim management. Dr. Krehl has long-term experiences in the fields of automotive supply, mass production of components and systems with the zero defects philosophy under ISO TS 16949, development and technology transfer (see profile and achievements, Link).

Succession planning

Succession planning and execution sometimes makes an interim management necessary. We can help you not only with the appropriate interim management but also with the succession process monitoring, the set up of advisory boards or even the assumption of board mandates.

Advisory board mandates

We are available to take over board mandates. Board mandates require experience in the business, management experience and a strong network of contacts. This is what we can offer.


Automotive supply of powder metallurgical products and systems thereof (certain restrictions apply)

Highly automated manufacturing lines for the profitable production of zero defects parts with high productivity

Development of systems for automotive applications


Materials for e-mobility


Market research and overview, especially PM markets

Strategy definition, strategy execution, strategy review

Basis for a company strategy are clear company goals – a vision. Strategy is not only preparing for but also against certain circumstances. Strategy development has to follow certain rules. It is often difficult doing this within the daily business. Performing SWOT analyses, developing USPs and planning how to be more successful than the competitors takes efforts from all levels of employees. To do this in a methodic process the involvement of MTSG Consulting can help to perform all the right steps.

Follow the customer to foreign countries, definition of starting conditions, technology transfer, startup abroad

Globalization of manufacturing companies is often expected by their automotive customers. Simply relocating a manufacturing company into a low cost country is not globalization. A truly globalized company is competitive (also with global competitors) in all areas where it is active. So the first step to globalization is to adjust manufacturing cost and/or product portfolio in the home market to a globally competitive level. Only after achieving that the next steps like opening manufacturing sites in other areas of the world can be considered. Customers rightfully expect the same processes and the same quality around the world. The transfer of technology in such new locations has to follow certain rules as well as be performed with all consequences. The use of expats for a limited time is often unavoidable. This requires a consequent and transparent personnel development and planning. So globalization has a lot of different aspects. MTSG Consulting can support you in such activities.



We can take over the representation of your business in the European market

Areas of expertise:

  • Metal powders and raw materials
  • Equipment for powder metallurgical manufacturing
  • Components and systems for the automotive industry (certain restrictions apply)
  • M&A




Since the first of the year MTSG is not subject to any legal restrictions concerning its customer base any longer. Therefore also PM parts producers can be consulted now.



Start of a new advisory company PKPM LLC as partnership between Rocco Petrilli, Prima Business Specialists and Dr. Michael Krehl, MTSG Consulting


End of the term as Vice President of the German Industry Federation of Steel and Metal Working (WSM)


Turning a hobby into business. Since the first of the year you can also get wine under the MTSG logo



Interview with Prof. Dr. Thomas Koch on diesel technology
Link to www.mobilitaet-von-morgen.de


WSM e.v.

Board meeting of the German metalworking industry federation (WSM e.V.)


Participation in the parliamentary dialog group e-mobility, main presentation, Federal Secretary of Justice, Heiko Maas entitled: Legal consequences of autonomous driving


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